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Draped Necklace No. 02

Draped Necklace No. 02

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This necklace is inspired by the forms that reveal themselves in folded and draped fabric. Taking recycled sterling silver and gold, I meticulously shape it to create undulating and flowing shapes. It excites me to play with the juxtaposition between what the material is—sharp, flat, and rigid—and the forms it can take on—soft, voluminous, and graceful. I invite you to experience for yourself these pieces of wearable art—you will be investing in a piece that is both a handmade piece of jewellery and a one-of-a-kind sculpture.


This sterling silver Draped Necklace No. 02 measures approximately 3 1/4" in length.

These necklaces are made by hand and as such, each is distinctly unique. The necklace you receive may vary slightly.


This piece is made with recycled and tarnish-resistant sterling silver, and is crafted with creative passion.

 Please read our care tips to learn about proper cleaning for the Ribbon Collection.

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