Our Materials

We are committed to sourcing environmentally and socially sustainable materials - from diamonds and gemstones to our gold and silver, and even our business cards and packaging.


In order to be able to offer a wide variety of options, we work with a few trusted, local suppliers. We can source anything from Canadian diamonds to antique diamonds, and even lab grown diamonds.

Information about Canadian diamonds


We work with trusted suppliers to ensure we only provide ethically sourced gemstones, giving preference to small scales operations that sift through rivers and streams to find natural deposits of raw gemstones rather than the open pit method. However not all gemstones can be found this way, so we only work with suppliers that value transparency and sustainability as much as we do to make sure we can feel as good about our gemstones as they look!

Precious Metals (silver, gold, platinum, palladium)

When we are not recycling a customer's "old" gold, the metals we use are certified 100% recycled and from conflict-free sources. That includes the jewellery in our collections as well as custom orders.


We are always seeking out more sustainable and attractive packaging. We know that beautiful jewellery deserves beautiful packaging, and we want to make sure that you can feel as good about the box as you do the jewellery inside. We are committed to cutting out plastics and non-biodegradable materials, and using recycled and recyclable/reusable materials and packaging.