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"It has been delightful working with Amanda. She is my go-to goldsmith whenever I want to bring my jewelry ideas to life. She takes great care in handling my vintage pieces. It is a treat to come in to collect my updated pieces because she makes them look and feel brand new."
-- K.P.

"Outstanding design and quality! It was a treat to wear such pretty earrings to work and be the envy of my colleagues. Pretty packaging and arrived quickly. A true pleasure to correspond with this super-talented artist! Worth every penny. Thank you Amanda!!"
-- Kim

"This ring looks so much better than the picture, it looks great on and customer service is second to none, highly recommend buying from here."
-- Erica

"Beautiful, so perfectly detailed and dainty. I wear it often and always receive compliments. This necklace has a special meaning to me and I cherish it."
-- Barbara

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