Reusing Your Old Gold Jewellery

Unlock the value of your old and unused gold jewellery by melting it down and transforming it into something new and beautiful!

Don't let your sentimental pieces sit unused in a drawer or gathering dust. We specialize in melting down old gold and turning it into a stunning new jewellery that can be worn and cherished for years to come. Whether it's a family heirloom, outdated piece, or broken jewellery, we can help you repurpose it into a unique piece that fits your style and personality. Don't let your old gold go to waste - let us help you transform it into something special today!

Want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that our clients ask.


1. Can you melt down any gold or old jewellery?

Yes, we can use any of your gold or old jewellery. There are two methods to reusing old jewellery, depending on what you have and whether or not the jewellery is sentimental:

Reusing it directly

If you have old, solid gold pieces, such as rings, bangles, and some earrings, we can clean the gold and melt it directly into the new piece of jewellery. One thing to keep in mind is that each time we melt down old gold, microscopic impurities are mixed into the gold, so to ensure the best quality, we always recommended adding an equal amount of new gold to your old gold.

Refining your gold

If your old jewellery includes chains, bracelets, or certain types of handmade jewellery, we recommend refining your jewellery rather than melting and making new jewellery directly from your gold. This is because these types of jewellery contain a lot of solder, and solder will cause imperfections and discolouration in the new jewellery. Another reason to refine your old jewellery rather than reusing it directly is so that we do not need to add any new gold to the old gold. Refining gold removes all of the impurities and other metals in the gold alloys, resulting in clean, pure gold. We recommend this if you have enough gold for the entire new piece(s) of jewellery. We’ll always consult with you and crunch the numbers to determine which method is most cost effective. We also understand that sometimes the old jewellery is sentimental, and that reusing the old gold is more important than the cost. We are happy to discuss all of these details and compare the options with you!

2. How much does it cost to melt down old gold jewellery?

The cost of melting down old gold jewellery varies depending on the amount and quality of the gold being melted. It is generally most cost effective to re-use your old jewellery to make new jewellery because you will save the cost of buying new gold. Aside from the cost of the new gold, there may be refining fees, design fees, the costs of materials and labour to create your new jewellery, etc. To learn more about custom designs, click here. If you have more old gold and jewellery than you need to create your new jewellery, we can use the leftover gold as a credit towards your new piece to reduce the final price.

3. What happens to the stones and other materials in the old jewellery when it is melted down?

The stones and other materials in the old jewellery can be removed before melting down the gold. If the gemstones/diamonds are in good condition, they can be reset in the new jewellery or you can hold on to them for a future project.

4. Can you mix different types of gold when melting down old jewellery?

It is possible to mix different types of gold when melting down old jewellery, but there are some limits. If we are using your old gold directly in the new piece of jewellery, we can mix different karats of the same colour gold (IE we can mix 10K yellow gold with 18K yellow gold), but we cannot mix different colours together (IE we can not mix white gold and yellow gold). If your old jewellery is a mixture of colours and karats, we recommend refining it into clean, pure gold, which can be turned into any colour and karat you desire.


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