About Jewelust

At Jewelust, we specialize in thoughtful elegance. 

We carefully consider all aspects of our business–from designing creative and well-made jewellery to constantly improving our in-house practices to align with our values of sustainability and social equity.

Our mission is to highlight jewellery as a form of personal expression and to celebrate individuality through artful, sustainable, and handmade creations. We aim to inspire confidence, uphold justice and equality, and contribute to a more environmentally responsible industry and world. Part of this includes donating a portion of every sale.

We draw inspiration from the world we live in and its dynamic forms, from movement to light and shadow–the way sunlight falls on a piece of fabric just right–we create textures and silhouettes that are natural and fluid.

Designed and made in Toronto, Canada, all of our jewellery is handcrafted with sustainable materials such as recycled and tarnish resistant gold and silver and conflict-free diamonds. 

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About Amanda

Amanda has been immersed in the fine jewellery world since 2005 and has surrounded herself with every aspect of the craft before founding Jewelust in 2012. 

The seeds of becoming a jeweller were planted at a young age. As a young girl who moved around a lot, she grounded her fascination in tiny treasures and moments of magic, like playing with her mother’s sparkly brooches, making mud sculptures in the backyard, and making the house prettier by drawing on the walls. What began as a creative obsession was honed as a craft and culminated in a lifelong love affair with the ways that wearable fine art can alter the dynamic between the wearer and the world around her. 

Amanda graduated from George Brown College’s Gemmology Program in 2006 and from the advanced program in Jewellery Arts in 2011. Upon graduation, she received a scholarship for an artistic residency at Toronto’s lauded Harbourfront Centre. Throughout the years, Amanda has received recognition for her technical and creative talent in exhibitions and juried shows. This year, you will find Amanda and her work at The Spring One of a Kind Show, in the upcoming exhibition, Thirty-Six Brooches, at The Harbourfront Centre, and at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

  • Creativity

    We celebrate uniqueness through thoughtful design because we know our differences are what make us interesting individuals. We make jewellery that celebrates you!

  • Environment

    We strive for a healthier planet by continually seeking more sustainable options in all aspects of our business, from eco-friendly materials to recycled gold and silver.

  • Equality

    We advocate for respect, equal access, and actively work towards ending gender and race inequality. We honour the beauty of diversity through representation and our practices.