Jewellery Cleaning & Inspection

It is important to inspect your jewellery once in a while. Like all of us, jewellery needs a little TLC. Wear and tear is completely normal, and rings especially, can see a surprising amount of wear through day to day use. We recommend getting the claws and settings checked at least once a year (for most rings). For rings that are worn daily (engagement/wedding sets), or that have fine detail, we recommend having them checked every 6 months. This helps maintain the security of the stones as the claws become thin or are damaged over time.  

We offer this service at no charge for all Jewelust jewellery. We want to ensure your jewellery is in the best condition and will offer consultations to minimize the risk of losing a stone or other damage. The service includes: inspection, light polishing, and cleaning.

If you'd like to have a non-Jewelust piece of jewellery cleaned and inspected, it will cost $10. Please reach out if you have any questions.