Jeweller's Bench for Rent in a Professional Studio

Looking for a jewellery bench for rent in Toronto?

Goldspell is a shared and collaborative studio space located across from Christie Pits in central Toronto. We are currently looking for one experienced goldsmith who requires a full-time bench rental to continue their own practice. (Please note this is not a job with Jewelust. It is a bench rental in our shared studio.)

Please note we are not a teaching studio. Goldsmiths are expected to have
prior experience working in a studio setting, and ideally have completed
at minimum two years of schooling or equivalent.

Read below to learn more about our studio or send Amanda an email if you have any questions.

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About Our Studio


Your bench rental comes with a full goldsmithing bench that includes a flexshaft and personal storage space. There are shared torches, and access to all the studio machines and equipment, which include:

Casting equipment - kiln, centrifugal casting machine, casting/investment vacuum, steam de-waxer, wax injector, vulcanizer, air compressor, electro-melt

Cleaning and polishing - polishing motor, rotary tumblers, vibratory tumbler, ultrasonic, steamer

Other equipment
Rolling mills, ring stretcher/reducer, plating equipment, 2 jeweller’s torches, draw plates, bench vise, inside ring engraver.

Other amenities

Showroom & Meeting Space
We have a showroom with display cases and a meeting space. Access is directly on Bloor Street, across from Christie Subway Station. It is currently available by appointment only.

We also have a kitchen nook, with a small fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and kettle.

Photography nook
There is a small area for product photography, which includes a light box, lights, and props.

Cost + Hours

These rentals are available on a full-time basis. You will have access
to the space 24/7, after completion of a probationary period.
Full-time rent is $520 +HST per month.

on-site casting

Equipment includes: kiln, centrifugal casting machine, investment machine, vulcanizer, wax injector

Polishing and cleaning

We have a double spindle polishing machine and vacuum, magnetic and rotary tumblers, steamer, ultrasonic

Showroom and Meeting Space

Display your jewellery and meet your clients in our showroom. We are open by-appointment only, so consultations are always private.