Jewellery Repair

Do you have broken jewellery sitting in a jewellery box that you'd love to wear again? The good news is that jewellery repairs are possible! Whether you have a broken chain or bracelet, a missing diamond, or a ring that is too big or too small, a little bit of TLC will make it good as new!


Since there are so many styles of jewellery, we will need to inspect your piece to see what needs to be done in order to fix it. If you send an email, we may be able to give you a quote from seeing photos and then we will confirm the final price when you drop it off. Inspections are free and there is no commitment! Find out more about jewellery cleaning and inspections.


Examples of Common Repairs

Ring Sizing

It is common for a ring to feel slightly larger or smaller throughout the day. Changes in temperature, humidity, and water retention can cause our fingers to change sizes. If your ring feels too tight or too loose, it can be sized so it fits better.

Most rings can be sized up or down fairly easily. A more complex or intricate design can make it more challenging. The below prices are a starting price to make a ring smaller. Once we inspect your ring, we can confirm the price.

Silver Ring  ~ $25 - $75
Gold Ring  ~ $25 - $95

To size a ring up (make it bigger), we usually need to add gold or silver. To do this, we will need to measure your ring and your finger. Sizing up will be quoted individually, dependent on how much material needs to be added.


Chain Repair

Did you catch your chain on something? We've all been there! Chain repairs start at $25 and will go up depending on the complexity of the repair.