Jewellery Repair

Did you break your favourite piece of jewellery? We can help!

Whether it's fixing a beloved necklace, or resizing an inherited ring to fit you perfectly, or even replacing a missing gemstone, we can fix your jewellery and make it as good as new. All it needs is a little TLC.

The cost of fixing jewellery can vary depending significantly depending on what need to be repaired. Contact us about your broken jewellery, and we'll give you a rough estimate of the repair cost once we know what the issue is. When we receive your broken jewellery―either through the mail or by dropping it off in-person at our Toronto studio―we can give you a more accurate estimate.

We don't charge for inspection, and there is no commitment. (Find out more about jewellery cleaning and inspections.)

Common Repairs

Ring Sizing

Over the course of the day, our fingers can seemingly swell or shrink, depending on the temperature, water retention, and more. But sometimes you may just need to change your ring size, or you may have a piece or heirloom or estate jewellery you'd like to adjust.
Simple bands are usually easy to size up or down, but rings with more complex designs or features might require more attention.

Sizing down your ring:

Prices are as follows:
Silver Ring: $40 - $80
Gold Ring: $45 - $95

Sizing up your ring:

In order to maintain the strength and integrity of your ring, sizing up often requires additional gold or silver to be added. Because of this, prices can change significantly. Contact us for a free inspection, and we'll give you a commitment-free estimate to size up your ring.

Broken chain

Break your favourite chain? Or have an old one sitting in your jewellery box in need of repair? We can fix it.

Chains repairs start at $40 and go up, depending on how complex the repair is, and the style of the chain.

Other jewellery 

We can fix everything from bracelets, cufflinks, brooches, and more! We can replace missing gems and diamonds, and rebuild worn out pieces. Please contact us for more information and to get a quote.