Our Story & Commitment

 At Jewelust, we channel our passion for equality and sustainability into artful fine jewellery, taking inspiration from the way movement is captured through light and shadow.

Over the last decade, our designs have evolved, pushing the boundaries of art without compromising structure, functionality, and beauty. The result is exquisitely-crafted fine jewellery that whispers to something deep within each of us.

Our jewellery is designed and manufactured in our studio in Toronto. We love supporting other other small businesses in our community, and that sometimes means a partnership with local experts to bring you something new.

Our Values

We're committed to ensuring that every decision made at Jewelust aligns with our goals for a better world—creatively, socially, and environmentally.


Life is more interesting when we embrace our differences and celebrate our individuality. We strive to bring you interesting and original designs. More importantly, we're committed to always learning, so that we don't misrepresent or appropriate any cultural icons or symbols.


We firmly believe that every person deserves respect and equal access to the resources necessary to thrive. We believe that gender and race inequality exists and that we are all responsible for ending it. We know that love is love. We commit to doing our part to ensure a just world for everyone, and to using our resources to help our community through charitable work, partnerships, and donations.


We love this big blue and green planet. And we want to make sure that it remains healthy for future generations. We are continually look for more sustainable options in all aspects of our business

—whether it's sourcing eco-friendly packaging, using recycled gold and silver, or guaranteeing our craftsmanship.

We want to ensure that you can love and wear your jewellery for years.

Above all, we commit to doing better, and we welcome feedback. If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please reach out to us.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Henderson, designer, goldsmith, and plant lover

I moved a lot up until the middle of high school. I quickly learned that no matter what I did, kids don’t like the new girl.

Rather than trying to fit in, I realized that I felt more confident when I embraced my creative quirks. People couldn't hurt my feelings by calling me weird if I chose to embrace my weirdness. I've carried this value ever since, and can always find strength from standing out in the crowd.

My dad has always been an entrepreneur. As my sister and I played in the car and watched him mow lawns and fix cars, part of me knew that I would one day run my own business, too.

From drawing on the walls and making mud sculptures in the backyard to painting and gardening, I've always striven to make the world around me a more beautiful place (usually by getting my hands dirty first). It wasn't until I worked in a jewellery wholesale office that I learned that making jewellery could be a real job.

I went back to school starting with night classes after work, and I immediately fell in love with the hammers, saws, and torches. I transferred to the three-year day program because I just needed to learn as much about goldsmithing as I possibly could. In 2011, I graduated from George Brown College's Jewellery and Gemmology programs, and received a scholarship for an artistic residency at Toronto's lauded Harbourfront Centre.

I finally found the thing that I loved doing and I realized I could combine my love of creating things, my desire to beautify the world, and my need to celebrate my uniqueness into a business.

The name Jewelust comes from my passion for creating, my desire for beauty, and my love of making jewellery.

My designs have evolved over the years, as have I.

While creativity is still the blood that runs through my veins, I have learned and witnessed more about our world and feel it is important that my business reflects my own personal values of justice, and social and environmental sustainability.

If you've made it this far, thank you. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you.